quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

Miss Green

How could I forget? One more of a very limited number of the nicknames I've had was "Miss Green".

I love green. My nails are green now, which makes everyone here in Sao Paulo, Brazil believe that I am a Palmeiras (soccer team) fan. The color issue in Brazil is indeed related to the sports/soccer clubs.

Well, that aside, another country gave me the Miss Green nickname.

My first job when I moved to Washington DC was in the men's fashion business. My manager called me "Miss Green" because this was the color I loved.

Complexity of the color issue in the US as opposed to Brazil: it was simply impossible to make people even try 'exotic' colors, like honey/mustard or olive green. Oh no, too dangerous.

Only black, grey or navy.

Well, let's celebrate green now with one of my bijoux pieces.

And the most amazing thing is that I knew this artist - Serov - but all I remembered of him was his paintings of the Revolutionary leaders back in my childhood days & as seen in the textbooks.

This one is gorgeous.

And I found it in Brazil, of all places!

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