quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2009

Freud thought the swing to be same as cigar, but for women.

Neither with nor against, but simply having fun.
It all goes back to childhood, they say. The Hermitage Collection aside, another fantastic thing about my childhood was having a swing on the door leading into my room. I'd literally spend hours on end there, at times even with my head upside down.
Till this day if I see a swing I have to go ... how do you say - for a ride?
I love the feeling, it calms me down. It is the only place where my head empties out completely & I don't think of a-ny-thing. Beautiful feeling.
I beat my childhood record of 2hrs 45 min non stop on the swing when I was living in Rome. The profile photo here was taken in Marameo cafe', a bar in Trastevere, in Rome. I was a swinging hostess there, luring the clients in.
Beautfiul memories.
P.S. later on I read that Freud considered the swing to be the equivalent of the female orgasm.
Was he right & is this why I like it so much?
Who cares why. It's good to feel good!

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